How To Become More Flexible


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My top tips...


When I first started practising Yoga I found a lot of the postures quite difficult due to my lack of flexibility so in my desire to get deeper with my asana practise I set up a stretching routine that I did at least 4 times per week along side my Yoga practice.

A few little stretching tips of mine..

Listen to your body, if something doesn't feel right or you feel like you are about to hurt yourself, stop. Take it easy, it is not worth injuring yourself.

Be consistent! Set up a weekly routine & stick to it. You can look back in 6 months time and wish you had started and stuck to it or you can look back and be proud and happy you did it and amazed at your progress.

The more you stretch, the more flexible you will become. You want to hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds.

Breathe (Pranayama)

Breathing is one of the biggest parts of practising Yoga and applying pranayama while stretching is extremely beneficial. It helps your body & mind relax allowing you to get deeper into each stretch.

When you first start stretching it can feel pretty uncomfortable so taking long deep breaths and staying focused on each breath can help you feel more relaxed and make it easier to stay in each stretch for longer.


And of course practise Yoga...If you're not already. 

I recommend practising at least 4 times a week. Of course everyone is different and we all live different lives so it is important to find what suits you. Some may practise less and others may practise more, either way is ok. Remember you are doing this for you.

sam xx