Manifest A Life You Love!


"Your thoughts create your reality, you are the director of your life!"

Growing up I was a big time over thinker, stress and anxiety ruled my life, I was riddled with self-doubt, fear, and I lacked self-confidence.

When I started to realise the power of my thoughts and the words I use, I could see clearly how I had attracted everything, the good and the bad into my life. Realising this had a powerful impact on me, I could finally start to let go of self-pity, fear, judgement, doubt, blame, and change those negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Early last year my mindset started to go downhill again after I injured my back in a car accident, this accident had a big impact on my lifestyle. My health and fitness went downhill, going about my daily life was harder, I could no longer work out the way I could before, a lot of the yoga poses that made me feel amazing before were now difficult and painful. I started to feel stressed, anxious, frustrated and even angry with myself. I had not felt this way in years, I started to doubt that I would be able to create the life I had dreamed of and be able to do the things that make me happy. I lost direction and all motivation. It’s safe to say that I allowed this experience to consume my mind and get the best of me. I knew that my thoughts were making it worse and I had to make some changes, I had to do something about it.

I have been aware for a few years about the power of the mind and how our thoughts shape our reality so I knew all I had to do was change my thoughts and I would start to feel better and be able to get back on track. I needed to stop looking at the negatives and start focusing on the positives.

I started writing down 3 things that I am grateful for every morning, along with writing down and repeating positive affirmations out loud. I stopped my negative thoughts when I heard them creeping in throughout the day and began replacing them with positive ones. It wasn’t long until I started to feel happier and motivated again. Things around me started changing very quickly, and I began to notice positive things flowing into my life again. 

I can now see more clearly how powerful our thoughts are, they literally shape our reality. This realisation is extremely empowering!

This is why I created the Daily Planner and Mindset Map, so that you too can start changing your thoughts, get your life on track, and start living a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

The first part of the Daily Planner is for you to write down something you are working on for the day, it might be the same thing that you write daily until you feel you have mastered it or it might be something different every day.

Examples below:

  • Today I am working on being present.

  • Today I am working on taking long slow breaths.

  • Today I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone.

  • Today I am working on less judgement and gossiping.

  • Today I am working on spending less time online.

  • Today I am working on seeing the best in others.

  • Today I am working on letting go of fear.

  • Today I am working on being open minded.

  • Today I am working on smiling more.

  • Today I am working on spending more time outside.

I have added some important things on the To do list such as Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations, and Journaling and have left space for you to add in your other daily to do’s.

There is space for you to plan ahead with your meals so you can make sure you are eating nutritious food and you’re not left making rushed decisions during the day leading to later feeling regretful and disappointed in yourself. In the water intake section you can colour in or tick the drops as you go. I drink from a 500 ml water bottle and colour in a drop after each bottle,  aiming for at least 3 litres per day.

You can use the Notes section however you want. You might use it to write something motivating, to reflect on the day, or you might just use it to write down a note from a phone call.

Now for the Mindset Map!

Affirmations program your mind, by saying positive affirmations daily you transform your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Affirmation examples:

  • I am healthy, I am happy, I am free.

  • I can do anything I set my mind to.

  • I am a magnet for success and happiness.

  • I am full of positive energy and joy.

  • I am overflowing with creativity.

  • I am full of unlimited potential.

  • My thoughts are positive and create my world.

  • My good vibes and happiness flows into others.

  • Abundance flows freely into my life.

  • My business is growing and successful.

  • My opportunities are limitless.

Writing down what you are grateful for daily helps you shift your perspective to a place of gratitude. The biggest thing that stops us from seeing how much good we have is the constant feeling of wanting more, this has a lot to do with social media and television. By shifting to a place of gratitude you will feel healthier and happier, your relationships will improve, you will have a positive impact on those around you.

Gratitude examples:

  • I am grateful for my good health.

  • I am grateful for my family.

  • I am grateful for cuddles.

  • I am grateful for good books.

  • I am grateful for warm summer days.

  • I am grateful for the opportunities I have.

  • I am grateful for the loving and encouraging people in my life.

  • I am grateful for uncontrollable laughter that makes my stomach hurt.

  • I am grateful for Ocean swims, nature walks, sunsets, and sunrises.

Remember this will take time as any change does but stick to it and I have no doubt your life will change for the better!

I will be sharing some of my affirmations and what I am grateful for regularly on Instagram and I would love it if you would do the same.. Please tag me @pritiyogi and hashtag #pritimind.