The Yoga Guide

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The Yoga Guide is designed for beginners, the completely inflexible, & those of you looking to deepen your Yoga practise.

The Yoga Guide will give you everything you need to get started and progress on your Yoga journey. 



The Yoga Guide

Learn exactly what you need to get your Yoga practise started and maintain a regular practise. 

The Yoga Guide will help you Increase your flexibility faster with carefully designed sequences & a stretching routine.

You will learn correct alignment for each Asana & all about Pranayama (control of breath) and how to use your breath in your Yoga practise.


The Yoga Guide Benefits

  • Increased flexibility, balance, and strength physically, emotionally and energetically.

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief.

  • Self-Discipline & Self-Awareness.

  • Increased blood flow/ better circulation.

  • Improved posture.

  • Better quality of sleep.

  • Improved overall health & productivity.